Neutral Haven Deck Summary: Wonderland Dreams Post August Nerfs

Neutral Haven Brief Summary


Neutral Haven has been a deck since the release of Wonderland Dreams. Recently the deck has picked up in popularity from the July and August nerfs which shifted the meta away from aggro Bloods and Shadow. The deck is very follower heavy and it overwhelms the board in the early/mid game. A strong deck for climbing ladder and in N1 level tournament strategies.

The Decklist

Shadowverse Portal

Deck + Gameplay video  



  • Aggressive deck where the games usually end quickly
  • Curve can be very strong
  • Overwhelms your opponent early. Usually they can’t deal with a turn 5 full board
  • Has strong tempo swings


  • Vulnerable to board clears
  • Hard to refuel if you overcommit
  • Linear strategy that is not flexible

General Mulligan

In practically every matchup, you want to be able to play a follower on turn 2 or 3, having Goblin on 1 is a plus.

If I have either Eagle Man or Lion of the Golden City I usually will keep them for the potential of having that explosive turn 5/6.



  • Tempo: Favored
  • OTK Roach: Favored


  • Neutral: Slightly favored
  • Ambush Aggro: Even


  • Neutral: Even/Slightly favored
  • D-Shift: Favored


  • Ramp: Slightly unfavored


  • Midrange: Favored
  • Nepthys: Favored


  • Aggro: Even
  • Control: Unfavored


  • Neutral: Even
  • Aegis: Slightly unfavored/Even


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