King Elephant OTK Forest Deck Summary

Elephant OTK Deck Summary


With the release of Starforged Legends, there has been strong support to Forestcraft with cards like Airbound Barrage, Spring-Green Protection, and Cassiopeia.

Similar to the White Wolf & Silverbolt variant of OTK Forest, we use White Wolf to pull out King Elephant and reduce the cost to 0 to make a large damage combo together with Roaches. This is a slower variant of the traditional OTK Roach of course, as there are more expensive cards in the deck in exchange for higher combo damage potential. It will be interesting how this deck develops as we go further into the Starforged Legends format, and if this deck can perform consistently well in comparison to the dedicated Roach variant.

The Decklist

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– Huge damage potential with King Elephant and Roaches
– Same OTK Roach core that can win before the big Elephant turn
– Consistent draws with Goblin Mage, Spring Green-Protection, White Wolf to tutor out your combo pieces
– Rewarding to play

– Harder deck to pilot
– Can brick if you draw your end curve/Elephants
– Amulets are sometimes clunky on the board

General Mulligan

Fairy Circle, Goblin Mage, Spring-Green Protection are always a keep. Sylvan Justice against aggressive or midrange decks. Feena against slow decks. Wood of Brambles if I have the Fairy Circle.



Tempo: Even

OTK Roach: Slightly unfavored

Aggro: Slightly unfavored/even
Commander: Even

D-Shift: Slightly favored

Ramp: Favored

Midrange: Slightly favored
Nepthys: Slightly favored

Aggro: Unfavored
Control: Favored

Amulet: Favored
Aegis: Favored

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