TheJordude offers private Shadowverse coaching for $25USD/hour.

To book a Shadowverse lesson, email to set up a session. You can also PM me directly on my discord server:

Things I can coach on:

  • Tournament preparation (lineups, matchups, etc)
  • Matchup practice
  • Ladder climbing
  • Deck building



I just wanted to say it was a really productive session and after re-watching a few of the games where you were advising me, I slowly started making better decisions,  and finally got back into AA2 and climbing really quickly. So yeah, thanks once again!

-John L.


"As someone who has taught college science courses for years, allow me to say that Jordan (Thejordude) is an incredible teacher. Like any great teacher he was able to assess my current skill level and improve on that without making any wild promises. He approached the entire process with a positive, friendly, and helpful attitude without staring at the clock. Furthermore, is quite common for higher skill level players to treat others inferiorly or condescending, yet Jordan treated me like a longtime friend and with respect. If you’re struggling with certain aspects of the game or simply want to elevate your game to the next level, don’t look any further."


"After a year-long break from Hearthstone, I felt that I needed some help getting back into the right mindset to play at a competitive level, so I contacted Jordan with a request for a two-hour coaching session.
During the session, we primarily worked on improving my midrange hunter play. I noticed that whenever I made a mistake, Jordan would politely notify me in a way that was not at all distracting or condescending. He was always receptive to any questions I had, which made it incredibly easy to discuss the pros and cons of different lines of play. It also helped that Jordan backed every statement with thorough reasoning, so I could precisely understand his thought process.
What impressed me the most about Jordan’s guidance was his attention to detail. I remember a specific instance where I wanted to play around a turn 8 force-roar combo (after the druid had played Emperor Thaurissan on turn 6) by trading so I would not be dead to the combo. Jordan told me that the druid had played all of his discounted cards, which made a turn 8 combo impossible. I don’t think I will ever forget to watch my opponent’s hand after that play.
I hear so many rank 1-5’s talk about how they think they are playing flawlessly but can’t seem to climb, and how they can’t identify their own mistakes. In a way, they feel that they’ve hit a barrier that’s preventing them from playing at a higher level. For anyone who feels this way, I definitely recommend Jordan as a coach, because before my own coaching session, I definitely had this mentality. Even for someone who took midrange hunter to mid-200s legend, I was surprised by all the things I could improve."


"I haven’t had a ton of coaching sessions with TheJordude, but I always had a really fun and informative time with him. He’s super laid back and seems genuinely interested in helping you brush up on your Hearthstone skills. He has helped me with the fundamentals of making good trades, making smart mulligans, laddering mentality and, most importantly, how to anticipate your opponent’s next several moves. The things I’ve learned for TheJordude have made clear improvements in my overall win rate. This has made my Heartstone experience much more enjoyable. I mean, everyone would like to win more games, right?
I can honestly say, without any reservations, that TheJordude is the best wizard poker coach I’ve ever had."