Atomy Tyrant Shadow Deck Summary – Starforged Legends Release

Atomy Tyrant Shadow Deck Summary



Lord Atomy has been a meme deck since Shadowverse has been a game. However, with the release of Starforged Legends and the card Staircase to Paradise, the deck has become quite decent. If you open or draw Atomy early with Staircase to Paradise, the stairs will help refill your hand to either set up for back up if your opponent can deal with the early 8/8, and start building up towards the Deathly Tyrant. Even without Staircase, there is so much draw power with Soul Conversion, Demon Eater, and Andrealphus that you should be able to get to your power cards.

The Decklist

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  • Lots of draw power
  • Early Atomy is too strong against most opponents, they have to commit a lot to deal with it
  • Constantly pressuring opponent
  • Can fight board early with lots of low cost followers


  • Relies heavily on being able to draw Atomy
  • Followers consist mainly of 1/2s which do not trade will into most followers (2/2s)

General Mulligan

I usually just hard mulligan in search for Lord Atomy as he is NEEDED to win the game most of the time. You don’t have to worry about tossing back your low cost cards because you will usually draw them back since the deck is so low cost weighted.



  • Tempo: Even
  • OTK Roach: Favored


  • Aggro: Even/slightly favored


  • D-Shift: Slightly favored


  • Keeper: Slightly favored
  • Ramp: Favored


  • Midrange: Slightly favored
  • Nepthys: Favored


  • Aggro: Slightly unfavored
  • Control: Unfavored


  • Amulet: Favored

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