Aggro Forest Deck Summary – Starforged Legends Release

Aggro Forest Deck Summary



With the release of Starforged Legends, aggro Forest has been a viable deck type. The deck focuses on flooding the board with bodies early to win the game through chip damage. If your opponent doesn’t have an early game presence or has a lack of board AoE they will usually find themselves dead by turn 5/6.

The Decklist

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  • Fast games
  • Can overwhelm your opponent if they do not have 2+ for 1 clears or early game followers
  • Very weighted on 1 & 2 cost cards almost guarantees an early game curve
  • Can still get small burst combos with Roach
  • Good value on Slacker buffs and Wood of Brambles clash


  • Can run out of steam if your opponent has early answers
  • Weak late game
  • Lack of card draw

General Mulligan

You always want to be able to play something on turn 1 such as a Goblin, Fairy Circle, sometimes Elf Child May (better if going 2nd). If you know you have good early game bodies I keep Wood of Brambles to try to get early value off it. In some matchups like Dragon and Rune I consider keeping Liza if I have other bodies to play and then play her to protect them.



  • Tempo/Aggro: Even
  • OTK Roach: Even/slightly favored


  • Aggro: Even
  • Commander control: Even


  • D-Shift: Favored


  • Ramp: Slightly favored
  • Jabber/Keeper: Slightly unfavored/even


  • Midrange: Slightly favored
  • Nepthys: Favored


  • Aggro: Even
  • Control: Unfavored


  • Amulet: Slightly favored

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